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Communications & Marketing Manager

SM&P Utility Resources, Inc.



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SM&P Provides Underground Utility Locating Service

for Private Property Owners


(Indianapolis, IN, March 5, 2006)  SM&P Utility Resources, Inc. began implementing a new business-to-business underground utility locating service for owners of private property such as medical centers, campus facilities, airports and retail and business centers in March of 2006.  This service began in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area and will soon be available in Dallas, Texas, and St. Louis, Missouri; becoming available company-wide within the year.


 “This new service is based on a dedicated team concept,” said Ryan Hyman, SM&P Vice President of Emerging Enterprise Development.  “Experienced SM&P Technicians will work with local contractors, excavators and private facility managers on an ongoing basis as partners in protection.  These dedicated teams will become intimately familiar with contractor operations and each customer’s underground infrastructure, thereby able to provide rapid and accurate locating services.”


SM&P is one of the nations largest underground locating and marking service businesses, performing more than 15 million locates annually in southwestern and central U.S. for telecommunication, cable, water, gas and power companies.  Underground locating and marking protects the public from safety hazards and safeguards buried infrastructure from accidental damage.


“These dedicated private locate teams will offer same day service, just as our thousands of Technicians currently do for our utility company and municipality customers,” said Hyman. “They will also help contractors and facilities managers control costs and maintain efficiency by scheduling locate requirements in advance.”


Headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, SM&P has more than 20 years of experience in underground locating and marking built its reputation on offering high quality at a fair price.   For more information on SM&P’s Private Locate Service or its Utility Locate Service, please contact SM&P Utility Resources, Inc. at 13085 Hamilton Crossing Boulevard, Suite 200 Carmel, Indiana, 46032. 

Phone 1-800-575-5594 or 1-317-575-7800.


About SM&P - SM&P Utility Resources, Inc. is a subsidiary of The Laclede Group, Inc., which trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol LG.  SM&P employs approximately 2,500 employees and operates in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin.